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The Netgain Standard: Where Premium Comes Standard. Every Time.



Process is learned and developed over time and through years of experience. Process requires theories, tests and failures. It’s my personal motto, and certainly applicable to my work in marketing. In fact, my computer desktop says it best: “Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.”

Based on our nearly two decades of delivering private cloud solutions to highly regulated industries like healthcare and financial services, we’ve developed The Netgain Standard.

The Netgain Standard is our tested, proven process and our promise to our clients. It’s what you can expect when you work with us and it’s the process by which we have become an industry leader in regulated cloud services.

The Netgain Standard is comprised of eight core tenets that are the foundation of who we are and the services we provide. They are premium features that come standard with every solution we offer. Every time.

Performance & Availability
Keep my IT up and available, day and night, with redundancy safeguards and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

We understand the importance of uptime in the financial services and healthcare industries. Our number one concern is your number one requirement: availability. Every day, our technology experts design systems and IT environments that ensure optimal performance so your users are happy and productive.

Client Care Team
Give me a 24/7/365 dedicated client care team that knows me, my business and my specialty applications.

When you call in for support, you want to talk to someone who is familiar with your business, your users, your IT environment and your applications, right? No problem. Netgain clients have dedicated support teams that know their unique IT requirements and industry needs as if we were an extension of their in-house IT team.

Safeguard my sensitive data from tomorrow’s threats with DoD-grade, ultra-secure protection.

Cyberattacks are today’s most prominent threats to your sensitive data and infrastructure. The Netgain Standard means having systems, processes and protections in place to guard your business from becoming a victim of hackers or scams.

Complete Compliance
Give me HIPAA and SSAE 18 certification so I know we will be meet–and exceed–compliance standards.

Bound by compliance and regulations? No problem. Netgain is SSAE 18, PCI and HIPAA compliant. We hold Business Associate Agreements with all of our clients, which means we assume some of the risk and responsibility in keeping your sensitive data safe.

Awesome User Experience
Give my users an exceptional support experience at every touchpoint so they come away elated and relieved.

You not only trust us with your IT environment, but also with your users. We promise to provide the expertise, timeliness and courtesy that keeps them satisfied and productive.

Cost Predictability
Show me simple and straightforward per-user pricing that allows me to pay-as-we-go and pay-as-we-grow.

IT can be complicated – but our pricing is not. We want you to know how the cost of your cloud solution is calculated and what makes it increase or decrease, so you can better predict your IT costs as you grow.

Top-Tier Talent
Provide me access to a deep bench of IT professionals, who know my business, to call upon when needed.

Hiring an entire IT team with expertise in servers, virtualization, storage, network, support and infrastructure isn’t an option for most of our clients. So, our team of specialists becomes your team of specialists without the pain and cost of recruiting, training and retaining a full in-house IT team.

Flexibility to Scale
Let me pay only for the IT that I need today, and allow my IT to easily scale as my company grows.

Investing in your own IT infrastructure can often lead to under-provisioning your environment which puts you at risk of performance or security issues, or it can lead to over-provisioning and paying for resources that your company doesn’t need yet. Netgain provides cloud solutions that are provisioned to your business’ exact needs, allowing you to only pay for the resources you need.

These eight tenets have been the foundation of our private cloud services since 2000. And although our clients tell us The Netgain Standard is anything but standard as they considered the current vendor landscape, we’ll continue providing a solution that is above and beyond what the industry expects and delivers.

Does The Netgain Standard sound like exactly what you require of your IT environment and IT partners?