Top Tech Tips for a Better Busy Season



As accountants are gearing up for another challenging busy season, so are the IT professionals who support them. 

The technical staff of CPA firms have the heavy responsibility of creating a stable, performant, and secure experience during the most stressful time for the business.

Our VP of Accounting, Kate Krupey, has experienced many busy seasons as an IT leader of a CPA firm. The making of a “smooth” busy season can be an ever-elusive goal for IT departments this time of year, but according to a group of accomplished CIOs in the industry, it is possible.

Here are the top 5 recommendations made by the IT leaders we surveyed from a few of our CPA clients: 

1. Survey Your Audience and Understand Their Specific Needs 
2. Revisit Your Security Posture Once Again 
3. Validate Resiliency of Your IT Environment 
4. Create Transparency Around IT Environment Availability
5. Expect the Unexpected

Busy season will always be hectic, but a top-notch IT department can create efficiencies and safeguards to make it smoother and a little more bearable.

Our team of technical experts at Netgain are committed to supporting you through the intensities and challenges of busy season, so that you and your firm come out on top and have the best busy season to date.

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