“WannaCry” Malware Infestation Affects Systems Around the Globe

On Friday May 12, a new Malware infestation, dubbed “WannaCry”, began affecting systems in Europe and Asia. Though some action was taken to shut down the initial variant of this malware, additional variants are expected today and ongoing. An infestation results in the encryption of data and request for payment of ransom, followed by attempted infestation of surrounding connected systems.

Who does this affect?
This malware affects any organization using a Windows-based software system that is not patched with one of the multiple patches released by Microsoft. North American impact has, to-date, been light.

What can you do about it?
There’s steps you can take to help protect your practice.

  •  Advise users:
    • Don’t click on e-mailed links from unknown senders
    • Don’t visit non-work-related websites using organizational resources / equipment
  • Patch workstations, including user-owned devices allowed to connect to organizational local area networks

If you have any questions about this infestation, contact Netgain at 877-797-4700 Ext. 2.



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