Welcome to NETGAINfluencers: Recognizing the Clients Who Have Helped Us Grow



“Customers who are referred to your brand are up to 5x more likely to use you than customers who weren’t,” according to Extole, a referral marketing company.

More specifically, SpiceWorks reports that a whopping 97% of IT professionals say they rely on peer recommendations and ratings/reviews during the buying cycle.

In nearly two decades of helping healthcare groups and financial services firms optimize and evolve their technology, we’ve found that one thing about technology does NOT change. That is, people look to their colleagues to gain insight and advice as to how to manage their IT needs.

We’ve been fortunate to have built strong and lasting relationships with many of our clients over the years. This high level of trust and quality service that our clients have come to expect are why they continue to share positive Netgain experiences with their industry peers. Every week, we’re getting referrals from clients to other physician practices or financial firms who are uncertain about their IT infrastructure and are looking for experts to help.

For this reason, Netgain has launched a client advocate program called NETGAINfluencers, specifically aimed at recognizing and appreciating the clients who have (and continue to) refer their peers, share their client stories, provide testimonials, serve as references and more. Here’s what you should know about NETGAINfluencers:

What is NETGAINfluencers?

We’re so grateful for the clients who share their Netgain experiences with their industry peers. NETGAINfluencers is a platform to reward clients for their evangelistic efforts that help us continue to grow.

How does NETGAINfluencers work?

Netgain has partnered with a client advocacy platform that provides multiple ways for NETGAINfluencers to share their Netgain story. Completing any one of dozens of these available activities on the platform will earn you points. Some of the ways you can earn points include:

  • Sharing your viewpoint and hear what others in the industry are saying about technology trends.
  • Sharing your Netgain Client Story for us to use on our website, social media and other channels.
  • Reading blog posts or attending webinars that help you deepen your knowledge around the latest technology topics.
  • Volunteering to be a reference to those organizations considering switching to Netgain.
  • Participating in industry research studies and service development surveys to shape Netgain’s service roadmap.
  • Connecting your industry peers with our solutions teams to see how we can help them simplify their IT.

Overall, we want NETGAINfluencers to be an interactive, fun and rewarding way for Netgain clients to share their Netgain experience and be rewarded for it!

The best part is, as you earn points by completing these activities (fresh activities are added weekly!), you can cash in those points for rewards that matter to YOU, like gift cards, statement credits, charitable donations, vacation or event vouchers or Netgain swag.

Why should I be a NETGAINfluencer?

NETGAINfluencers isn’t just about Netgain receiving referrals, it’s also a valuable platform for clients to have a voice in how Netgain grows. We’ll be frequently surveying clients on industry perspectives and satisfaction so we can continually improve our services.

The feedback we receive from NETGAINfluencers will help us with product and service development, roadmapping, and innovations that will better serve our clients.

How can I join?

We’re honored that you’re interested in becoming a NETGAINfluencer – thank you! NETGAINfluencers is currently available to the primary and secondary client contacts across Netgain’s entire client-base.

If you’re a Netgain client and interested in being a NETGAINfluencer, reach out to your Netgain Account Manager for more information.

Whether you’re already a part of NETGAINfluencers or you’re sharing your positive Netgain experiences with your industry peers and colleagues outside of the advocacy platform, we are so very grateful for your referrals.

As one of our NETGAINfluencers, Mark Pottenger, the Practice Administrator at Apple Valley Medical Clinic, puts it: “I’ve been a Netgain client at multiple practices and overall my experience has been extremely positive. I have recommended Netgain to other Administrators and other clinics, and their experiences with Netgain have also been universally positive.”