Why People Work Here

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

The Society for Human Resource Management recently reported that 89 percent of US employees are at least somewhat satisfied with their current job role. That’s great news! The not-so-great news is that still 11 percent of employees are not satisfied in their current role.

We strive to ensure all of our Netgainers are satisfied with and engaged in their role. We believe that engaged and satisfied employees with positive attitudes are the key to engaged and satisfied clients.

Wondering why Netgainers are so engaged and satisfied? Check out what it’s like to be a Netgainer:

Geek out on technology’s latest and greatest – a prerequisite of becoming a Netgainer is that you’re passionate about technology. Netgain is constantly innovating and adopting new technologies to provide superior service to our clients. Our teams get to test, implement, develop and stay on technology’s leading edge.

Get in on the growth – we’re on the move and we’re not slowing down. Netgain is an exciting place to work. Our exponential year-over-year growth means our employees are constantly challenged, inspired and engaged.

The benefits – let’s face it, benefits play a big role in people’s decision to accept, decline or stay in a position. Netgain’s benefits package includes a competitive base salary, health benefits, volunteering opportunities, retirement savings, paid time off, holiday time and personal development.

Location, location, location – if you’re going to come here every day, it’s important to know your surroundings, right? Netgain’s offices in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Chicago and San Diego are centrally located to good food, shopping and entertainment spots. You’ll never be bored on your lunch break.

Have a voice – Netgain is growing, but we work hard to maintain a workplace culture that fosters trust, communication and respect. You’ll have a voice and an influence that is heard and respected.

Grow, personally and professionally – part of being a growing company means helping you grow, both personally and professionally. We know the happier you are personally, the happier you’ll be at work. We’ll help you get there.

Be involved in your community – we want to invest in helping the community and encourage employees to volunteer. Netgainers receive 16 hours paid time off every year to volunteer in their local community.

Serve a purpose – if you’re looking to be involved in something bigger than yourself, we’ve got it. Netgainers play a significant role in advancing IT for our healthcare and financial services clients.

Be surrounded by like-minded people – in our hiring process, we look for people who have a passion for technology and customer service. Though every Netgainer brings something unique and valuable to the table, our common focus on technology and customer service unites us.

I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds great, but what about the coffee?! Yes, we supply that too.  If you’re passionate about technology and customer service and you’re thinking of becoming a Netgainer, check out our open positions.

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