Why the Cloud Is the Perfect Place for IT Services for Accounting Firms

For today’s CPA and accounting firms, improving profitability — through new revenue streams, increased productivity, and better firm alignment — is likely a core firm initiative. But from filing tax documents to reviewing financial statements, producing quarterly earnings reports to performing internal audits, the amount of work you have to juggle day to day can take your eye off the prize when you’re doing all you can to keep your head above water.

Netgain’s managed cloud services can help you get back to what you do best by handling the IT services that can make your business run more smoothly, including timely app upgrades, server and hardware management, cloud strategy, and many other turnkey cloud-enabled solutions. The cloud management solutions and accounting software available through Netgain can provide you with the hands-on experience and cloud-based infrastructure that help you do more with less hassle, wherever your staff may be located.

Why is cloud technology recommended for CPAs and accounting firms?

If any organization is keenly familiar with what it takes to run a business, it’s accounting and financial firms. If you’re a growing business — or simply don’t have the time or inclination to invest in the intricate infrastructure — maintaining the on-site systems that help businesses make smart decisions may be impractical at best and virtually impossible at worst. Furthermore, on-site infrastructure can create performance and retrieval issues caused by disasters that affect instant access.

Netgain’s managed cloud services and business continuity support offer you and your staff complete management of your information technology and cloud hosting needs. By taking this massive duty off of your hands, you get to focus on your clients and deliver on providing them the personalized, high-quality services that they have come to expect. And your internal IT team can focus on unlocking operational inefficiencies and become involved in strategic initiatives rather than spending their days managing your firm’s infrastructure.

Enhanced security

The mere possibility of your clients’ data falling into the hands of cybercriminals can be the road to ruin. Accounting firms are consistently targeted by bad actors, given the sheer volume of sensitive information that they maintain. You can rest assured that the files you prepare and manage on behalf of your clients will be kept under lock and key with Netgain. Through our proud partnership with Microsoft and their investment in both physical and virtual security — topping $1 billion per year in research and development alone — our premium cybersecurity protection thwarts threats dead in their tracks. We use a multilayered security framework to both isolate and secure your data, limit the impact of cyberattacks and aid your business in meeting key compliance requirements with enhanced security options and solutions — such as virtual desktops — for added flexibility. Virtual desktops are the epitome of expedience and productivity by giving your remote staff the on-the-go capabilities to take their work with them, with the added assurance that their work processes are backed up and fully secure. Such assurances aren’t available with on-premises infrastructure. 

These all-in-one solutions provide a higher grade and caliber of data protection and enhanced productivity.

Plus, Netgain has some of the very best security teams and personnel you can find, who specialize in business continuity and implementing the best-practice standards needed to keep a close eye on your clients’ personal or business records.

Fully scalable IT services

Even more than other businesses, your CPA firm experiences widely varying slow and busy seasons, such as tax season or the end of the fiscal year. You may also be expanding by acquiring a smaller firm or joining forces with a larger one. You need the ability to scale quickly to meet those ever expanding business needs. On-premises data storage infrastructure may not be suitable and can’t be quickly adjusted once in place without some significant investment in time and energy, none of which you can spare.

By leveraging the public cloud, you can get customized IT services for accounting firms that accommodate those peak periods in which you need more space. In short, the public cloud capacity is fully scalable and adjusts to your needs, not the other way around, by bringing on more servers when you need to for maximum storage and computing capacity.

Specialized services that make the grade

Of course, there are a number of managed cloud hosting and overall management solutions available to you. But it’s possible that prior providers you’ve tried created more problems and hassle than solutions or lacked the experience to optimize the accounting-specific software (such as Wolters Kluwer’s CCH suite of applications) that your firm depends on. You won’t find that with Netgain. We not only understand your specialty but we are specialists in our own right. Indeed, we’ve built our entire business model around IT and make it our mission to provide you with the assistance and above-and-beyond services so you’re fully satisfied and gain the support you need to make processes simple. These include after-hours service and support for software packages, data migration and application install.

Whether you provide tax preparation services, bookkeeping, payroll processing or maybe a blend of everything, Netgain has the IT services for accounting firms that can help your firm gain renewed flexibility and achieve maximum capacity — both in the data you maintain and the work you’re able to complete. Through our managed cloud services, your employees can access their virtual desktops and cloud-based applications from anywhere. This lets them focus on meeting your clients’ expectations while we keep your IT running smoothly.

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