Wolters Kluwer CCH Forward Together Virtual Conference Key Takeaways

While this year’s pandemic has put a damper on our favorite in-person events, our friends at Wolters Kluwer clearly worked hard to translate the value of their annual CCH user conference into a virtual format.

Reframed as the CCH Forward Together Virtual Conference, the show featured attendees participating in unique content track sessions that addressed current tax regulatory changes and forward-looking strategies that covered emerging issues. The conference sessions and speakers recognized the challenges of 2020 and focused on the importance of embracing and adapting to our current situation.

Keynote speaker Simon Sinek reminded attendees that these are not unprecedented times for business, as businesses are always dealing with the challenges of what’s to come. Instead, this time and situation should be treated as a time for re-invention, creativity, innovation, and experimentation and a time to start thinking into the future.

CEO of Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting, Jason Marx led a session which discussed more specifically the challenges of 2020 on the accounting industry due to COVID-19, changing legislation and evolving client needs. He stressed the importance of embracing technology trends and advances to meet the needs of both your clients and firm. Firms who accept and adapt to new technology can increase efficiency and spend more time on a high value service for their clients.

He specifically stressed the impact the cloud had on firm’s ability to cope with COVID-19 and smoothly transition to working remotely. In his session, Marx featured CCH and cloud clients discussing their experience with the cloud and the long-term benefits. These clients expressed their satisfaction with the cloud, saying it allows them to work efficiently, seamlessly, maximizes productivity, and allows for innovation and flexibility. As we know, 2020 has been rapidly changing year, but cloud is an essential asset that can grow with your firm.

To further impress upon the value of cloud, Netgain’s Bill Sorenson, VP of Product, and Kate Krupey, Principal Consultant at CoreBlue Advisory, took the virtual CCH stage to present on “The New Internal IT in 2021”. Their session stemmed from the profound impact on the role and expectations for internal IT within CPA firms as a result of changing economic and work conditions. In their session, they focused on the need for IT to align with and furthermore drive strategic firm initiatives and goals, with the help of a cloud services provider.

Bill and Kate talked about the importance of planning your long-term goals in the form of a strategic road map. By using this road map approach, your firm defines medium and short-term milestones, looking at both necessary process and technology advancements to support long term end goals. There will be road bumps, as this year has taught us things don’t always go according to plan but having a strategic cloud partner to support your goals and internal IT team makes for smoother transitions and efficiency.

The Wolters Kluwer CCH Forward Together virtual conference highlighted the hardships of 2020, the ways we were able to overcome these challenges and shared some insights and key considerations when planning for 2021.

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