About Us

At Netgain, we believe there is a “better way” to deliver IT and we closely partner with financial firms to help navigate complex technology challenges and increasing regulations. From designing the solution around your desired outcomes to implementing and maintaining it to your complete satisfaction, we have the people with experience that can take care of it all.

Netgain has tailored IT solutions to organizations ranging from local shops to large global firms for nearly 20 years. Netgain built its first office and data center in St. Cloud, MN, and continues to headquarter in this central location. Housing user data within the granite confines of a former Federal Building also ensures a level of structural stability our clients trust. The company has grown to include offices and data centers in Chicago, Minneapolis, San Diego and Phoenix.

Long before anyone had even heard of “The Cloud,” Netgain revolutionized the industry with an innovative and enhanced model, a proactive approach and outstanding support and service desk experience. Netgain continues to drive the desired business outcomes of financial firms, and remains on the leading edge of financial IT.

Providing financial IT in the most beneficial manner involves deep experience and specialization. The people behind your technology is crucial, and our IT and support professionals are fully committed to ensuring that you are pleased and your needs are fully met.


We enable firms to achieve their desired outcomes through continual assessment, integration and management of information technology.


Netgain is regarded nationwide as the “gold standard” of financial information technology for independent firms.


Results, Responsibility, Respect, Relationships

Our Promise

  • We make a pledge to our clients that when they partner with Netgain, our team will deliver.
  • We promise that we will:
  • Reduce the burden of IT and project management, allowing you to serve your clients better and grow your organization
  • Bring a business perspective and share exactly how the solutions will protect and support your business objectives and goals
  • Remain on the leading edge of technology and stay current with the ever-changing needs and requirements of financial IT
  • Confirm your IT is running smoothly, and help to eliminate issues and loss of productivity

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