Partner Programs

Designed to recognize your expertise, help you create new sales opportunities, and deliver enhanced value to your clients by offering tailored IT solutions.

Partner Levels

Matching the Needs of Your Business and Your Clients

Referral Program

Enhance your services by offering hosting solutions to your clients. Jointly we can deliver services that address the unique set of specialized IT challenges facing your clients.

Reseller Program

Create heightened demand for your services while enhancing your revenue. Netgain offers a hosting solution without the risks, investment, and time required to do it on your own.

White-Label Program

Provide hosting services to your clients using Netgain’s IT solutions but with the flexibility to market how you choose and maintain relationships with your clients.

Benefits of the Netgain Partner Program

  • Financial Rewards

    Netgain rewards your work with financial benefits, ranging from a one-time commission to a recurring revenue stream for the lifetime of the client.

  • Partnership Perks

    Your success is a reflection of how well Netgain is supporting you as a partner. Netgain provides partners with everything they need to be successful in the marketplace from a Netgain Partner Account Manager to collaborative strategic planning.

  • Marketing Support

    Netgain helps you generate demand in the marketplace with not just marketing collateral, but also marketing development funds.

  • Technical Resources

    You receive pre-sales technical support and training to help you effectively sell our solutions.