can access any file, anytime.
allows for simpler upgrades.
offers complete redundancy.
is at the core of your IT.
allows for secure BYOD.

The complete desktop that fits in your users’ pockets.

Simplifying Your Devices

A key component of your cloud strategy is your desktops. In the past, setting up a working network required purchasing tens, hundreds or even thousands of computer terminals and then installing a desktop to each machine. It became extremely cost and labor intensive, especially when it came to supporting and fixing any of those desktops. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) significantly reduces the number of devices and complexity of device networking.

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Files are automatically backed up on the server, further protecting you from device malfunction at the office. It also makes data restores quick and painless, helping you rest easier in the event of an emergency.

Easier Data Backups and Recovery

Secure BYOD

Your users can work from any device and any location and still have access to the same secure and reliable environment that you expect and need. They can access any file, anytime, from anywhere. DaaS meets the needs of today and tomorrow’s workforces.

DaaS lets you protect your data in a centralized environment, not on specific devices, so you never have to worry if a device is lost or stolen. Plus your data is encrypted during server transmission via VPN, enhancing your organization’s data security.

Centralized Data Storage

Flexible and Predictable Scale

Plans to grow? Netgain’s DaaS solution makes scaling your IT infrastructure more flexible and predictable, especially via our private, hybrid and public cloud environments. Plus with your dedicated Client Care Team, we’ll guide you through the entire process to ensure a smooth transition and growth.

Gone are the days of lengthy and complicated upgrade cycles. Our DaaS solution allows you to more easily upgrade your infrastructure via your virtualized network rather than manually upgrading individual devices.

Simpler Upgrades

Desktop-as-a-Service Client Stories

The Neurology Center owned their IT equipment and rented space in a data center to store their servers. They used a Managed Services company who was very competent in managing the servers, but were less familiar with managing specific applications they used, most notably their EHR, Centricity. Their rented space brought challenges and with the daily volume of clients their facilities serve, their IT challenges began to mount.

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