Netgain Emerges as the Best MSP Partner for Unifeye Vision Partners

After deep analysis of their multiple MSPs in use, UVP chose to align with the ideal partner that could support all of their needs, Netgain.


Unifeye Vision Partners (UVP) is a Private Equity-backed Optometry/Ophthalmology management company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They are a physician-owned, integrated eye care leader comprised of like-minded practices renowned for their clinical excellence and innovation. With their clinical excellence and innovation, UVP acquires and transforms practices into healthcare industry leaders and market influencers to support and improve the quality of their patients’ lives. Currently, they have 19 clinics as well as six ambulatory centers across the country and are continuing to grow their network in the integrated eye care community to serve more patients. 


As a healthcare organization, UVP understands the importance of IT, relying on systems in place to improve the workflow, efficiency, and patient experience. UVP has relied on MSPs for IT infrastructure and like any partner, Senior Vice President of IT at UVP, Noel Bouteller, believes that the ideal IT partner needs to be a subject matter expert in the technologies UVP deploys and supports. Bouteller has over a decade of IT leadership experience in various fields such as clinical operations, financial management, and supply chain management. His deep knowledge of how to successfully manage and direct IT has allowed him to determine the best partner fit for UVP strategically. Additionally, Bouteller considers a successful and working partnership to have quick and thorough responses to needs and issues, with a proactive vs. reactive approach. 

Choosing an MSP Partner 

Knowing this, UVP began comparing the multiple MSPs they previously had in use. Bouteller and the executive team at UVP were looking for the right fit so they could not only focus on building a partnership, but also have all their IT needs managed and supported to their standards. Weighing factors of importance, they were seeking a partner who could display thorough healthcare industry expertise, a strong security posture, and offer responsive technical support and knowledge in Microsoft Azure.

After deep comparison and analysis of the several MSPs, Bouteller decided that Netgain was the right fit as UVP’s IT partner due to the ability to prioritize their key needs: 

  1. Immense healthcare industry knowledge 
  2. A security-first approach 
  3. Robust capabilities in Microsoft Azure 
  4. Reliable technical support 

Netgain’s technical experts took ownership of managing UVP’s Azure Cloud Environment, Office 365 (O365) licensing, and third-party nonclinical applications so that Bouteller and his team could remain focused on UVP’s business needs. 

“We decided on Netgain due to the excellent support they provided as well as their healthcare knowledge and comprehensive security portfolio,” shares Bouteller. “With Netgain handling our O365 migrations and cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, me and my team can focus on new EMR implementations.” 

Challenges in Healthcare 

In recent years, the Healthcare industry has faced growing concerns of cyber threats. UVP places high importance on a reliable security front to protect patient data across the organization. Bouteller feels confident in Netgain’s security portfolio and initiatives to protect and strengthen UVP’s security posture. He shares, “I am very concerned about cybersecurity. I have been collaborating with Netgain on additional endpoint protections, best IT security practices and security awareness training. I feel Netgain is the ideal partner to bring us to the level of protection we require.” 

In addition to cybersecurity, the search for well-seasoned talent has also become an obstacle, especially for healthcare organizations. From Bouteller’s perspective, instead of investing resources to seek out talent to manage IT in-house, aligning with Netgain as UVP’s outsourced IT partner deemed the best fit. 

“It is also critical to have a strategic IT partner in today’s environment of acute talent shortages and increased technology innovation so that we can stay ahead of the game,” says Bouteller. “Netgain has the in-house expertise and talent that would be very difficult for me to replicate in-house.” 

Relying on the Partnership 

Since aligning with Netgain five years ago, UVP has not only experienced improved technical support and security posture, but also a strong, developing partnership with Netgain. According to Bouteller, “Netgain is responsive and proactive to our fast-paced needs. They are vertically aligned with a strong understanding of healthcare as well as have deep capabilities in public cloud, especially Microsoft Azure.” 

The team at Netgain appreciates and values the trust that Bouteller and UVP continue to have in Netgain. We are grateful to see the partnership with UVP align stronger and bring them the high level of technical expertise and security protection they require for their patients and organization. 

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