The Netgain Standard

At Netgain, we believe there is a “better way” to deliver IT. That means going beyond the technical aspects of technology and service to exceed your desired business outcomes. While helping hundreds of clients reach their IT goals, Netgain has gained a high degree of competency in healthcare and financial IT.

Enveloping all of our solutions is our highly rated Client Care Team. We manage hundreds of complex IT infrastructures and thousands of servers for our clients. When it comes to efficiently and effectively solving healthcare and financial IT challenges, we’ve seen just about everything, so we can solve just about anything.

The C-Suites, Administrators, Managing Partners and IT teams we work with appreciate that we understand their unique business challenges and end-user responsibilities. As a result, we quickly handle their issues and they report very positive interactions with their Client Care Team.

We’re more than an IT vendor that hosts your specialty applications or manages your IT infrastructure, we’re your strategic IT business partner. We keep watch to anticipate and prevent potential issues before they arise so you can worry less about your IT and  G^IN some peace of mind.

The Netgain Standard is included with every solution. Every time.

Performance & Availability

Keep my IT up and available, day and night, with redundancy safeguards and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

  • Whereas some IT vendors only provide uptime guarantees for one or two low-failure components, we’ll guarantee your ENTIRE infrastructure has AT LEAST 99.95% uptime.
  • We know that minutes matter in healthcare and financial IT, and we are constantly striving to improve uptime and speed.
  • Our network operations experts design telecom and connectivity plans to exceed redundancy best practices to almost mitigate the impact of outages.
  • We deliver high availability and access to your applications from anywhere.
Client Care Team

Give me a 24/7/365 dedicated client care team that knows me, my business and my specialty applications.

  • We receive an average Support Team client satisfaction score of 4.9/5.
  • Average client lifetime is over 6 years (many relationships over a decade).
  • BAAs (Business Associate Agreements) are signed for every client.
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Client Care Team assigned to each client.
  • We connect with vendors to resolve issues on your behalf.
  • We aim to identify and resolve issues before you see an issue.
  • Patches and updates are proactively implemented.

Safeguard my sensitive data from tomorrow’s threats with DoD-grade, ultra-secure protection.

  • Netgain’s been securing vital data for nearly 20 years and consistently passes the compliance audits for service providers.
  • Our security approach enables you to meet–and often exceed–compliance requirements.
  • Your staff gets secure access to the information they need to do their jobs.
  • Our team protects your organization against natural disasters, outages and growing malware attacks.
  • Thorough backup and disaster recovery plans so your data is always available.
  • Our email encryption integrates with all corporate email systems and web-based email, including Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to encrypt and decrypt emails and attachments with a single click.
  • Whether logged in at the office, at home or on-site, users will have seamless–and secure–access.
  • Netgain’s endpoint encryption offers multiple layers of protection to mitigate data breaches.
  • Gain advanced reporting and auditing capabilities for confidence in the encryption status of a lost or stolen device.
Complete Compliance

Give me HIPAA and SSAE 18 certification so I know we will meet–and exceed–compliance standards.

  • At Netgain, we’re focused on helping healthcare practices and financial firms navigate complex technology challenges and increasing regulations.
  • Our HIPAA-compliant hosting is designed to meet and maintain HIPAA compliance requirements so you can be confident that sensitive data is secure.
  • We stand behind our HIPAA-compliant environments by signing Business Associate Agreements for every client.
  • Each Netgain team member goes through frequent HIPAA training sessions to ensure they stay educated on the regulations.
Superior User Experience

Give my users an exceptional support experience at every touchpoint so they come away elated and relieved.

  • Dedicated and flexible environments tailored to your unique needs.
  • Give staff access to the applications and data they need – from anywhere.
  • With one call, you get fast access to expert IT support that genuinely cares about resolving your issue.
  • We understand the importance of timeliness, knowledge and convenience for your users.
  • We’ve earned a reputation for going the extra mile to provide it when it matters most.
Cost Predictability

Show me simple and straightforward per-user pricing that allows me to pay-as-we-go and pay-as-we-grow.

  • With some of the lowest fees in healthcare and financial IT, we turn your IT cost from a capital expense to a predictable monthly operating expense.
  • You no longer need to invest in complex computing hardware and expensive software programs.
  • Curb your growing IT expense and set a budget for the services you need.
Top-Tier Talent

Provide me access to a deep bench of IT professionals, who know my business, to call upon when needed.

  • You build a close relationship with a client support team that knows your needs—much like if you built your own in-house IT team.
  • You get a dedicated adviser who becomes familiar with your needs and works on your behalf.
Flexibility to Scale

Let me pay only for the IT that I need today, and allow my IT to easily scale as my company grows.

  • We help you navigate the planned and unplanned changes and provide you the ability to quickly and easily adapt to the changing financial landscape or high-volume periods.
  • Ditch complex hardware refresh cycles and make way for a more flexible and modular schedule based on your real-time needs.