Client Stories

Netgain’s clients face many challenges with the changing needs in healthcare and look to Netgain to provide a secure and reliable IT infrastructure. Each client has specific challenges that they are looking to address. Find out how Netgain has helped healthcare providers leverage IT toward their desired outcomes.

Northwest Family Physicians implemented an EHR in 2002 and operated all of their servers in-house. Brenda McNeill, Director of Clinic Operations, was straining to perform her primary executive responsibilities while taking on the responsibility of IT decision making and even some IT processes. McNeil was troubled by the growing complexity of their IT environment.

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Mille Lacs Health System (MLHS) staffed their own IT team and built an on-site data center in their hospital. The IT infrastructure at MLHS was built using physical servers for each application resulting in redundancy of effort and equipment underutilization. It was wasteful. With MLHS facing infrastructure challenges, MLHS decided it was time to consider outsourcing to fill critical gaps.

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The Neurology Center owned their IT equipment and rented space in a data center to store their servers. They used a Managed Services company who was very competent in managing the servers, but were less familiar with managing specific applications they used, most notably their EHR, Centricity. Their rented space brought challenges and with the daily volume of clients their facilities serve, their IT challenges began to mount.

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EZClaim outsourced their application hosting and relied on their provider to handle any needs related to the hosting of their application. With the demand for EZClaim’s software growing, they needed to expand but they were experiencing issues and limitation with their hosting provider. It was time for EZClaim to look for a new hosting provider that could handle their growth and provide support they could rely on.

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Neighborhood Healthcare used a hosting provider to host their eClinicalWorks EHR and running the rest of their desktop applications internally. The infrastructure was not built to the minimum standards of their EHR provider, resulting in daily reports of performance degradation. With their hosting providers inflexible environment, Neighborhood Healthcare knew it was time to look for alternatives for their IT environment.

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The Netgain Standard is included with every solution. Every time.

Performance & Availability

Keep my IT up and available, day and night, with redundancy safeguards and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

Client Care Team

Give me a 24/7/365 dedicated client care team that knows me, my business and my specialty applications.


Safeguard my sensitive data from tomorrow’s threats with DoD-grade, ultra-secure protection.

Complete Compliance

Give me HIPAA and SSAE 18 certification so I know we will be meet–and exceed–compliance standards.

Awesome User Experience

Give my users an exceptional support experience at every touchpoint so they come away elated and relieved.

Cost Predictability

Show me simple and straightforward per-user pricing that allows me to pay-as-we-go and pay-as-we-grow.

Top-Tier Talent

Provide me access to a deep bench of IT professionals, who know my business, to call upon when needed.

Flexibility to Scale

Let me pay only for the IT that I need today, and allow my IT to easily scale as my company grows.