The Lighter Side of Working from Home

Elissa PateNetgain

Most of us across the country have been working from home or working away from the office for about 3 months. As businesses have transitioned to this temporary work-from-home state, many employers are considering making

15 Security Tips for Working Remotely

Bill Sorenson, CCISO, Vice President of ProductCybersecurity & Compliance

Telecommuting, working from home, remote working, teleworking; they’re all part of our new language, thanks to COVID-19. And while working from home may seem like a simple transition, it’s become a security nightmare for businesses

4 Ways to Make the Return to Office Life Easier

Elissa PateNetgain

As more states and businesses emerge from lengthy lockdowns, there will undoubtedly be many lessons to draw from the COVID-19 outbreak. Perhaps the biggest of them all is the incredible speed with which things can